Picture Perfect Plants

Smartphone Photography course with Jay Barker

Learn the tips, tricks and skills to take stunning flower and garden photographs with your 'always at hand' smartphone camera. Jay will guide you through exploring composition, lighting and editing techniques to help you create beautiful, professional looking images. If you love flowers, gardens, fresh air and want to capture the beauty with stunning photos, this course is designed for you. Turn your flower garden into a stunning photo gallery!

Dates for these one-day courses in 2024 include:

Location                                       Date

Lowther Castle Gardens, Penrith    Saturday 23 March

Holehird Gardens, Windermere      Thursday 25 April

Lowther Castle Gardens, Penrith    Thursday 13 June

Holehird Gardens, Windermere      Saturday 14 September

To find out more and book your place on one of these courses, please visit: https://www.nrtraining.co.uk or phone: 07940151563