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3 things to look out for at Holehird Gardens in October

  1. After a very dry summer in the Lake District, wind and rain in September have created a very different look to the garden.  Having almost dried out, the Cascade is now flowing strongly again, with the streamside plants relishing the return of moisture to their roots.  Unexpectedly the stream first surfaces in the corner of the Walled Garden, before disappearing underground to reappear in the Gunnera Pool and thence the Cascade, from where it works its way via Holehird Tarn to Windermere.
  2. The heather beds are a patchwork of colour in early October.  The National Collection of Daboecia displays a range of lively pinks, purples and whites, with D. cantabrica 'Waley's Red', a vibrant magenta, one of the brightest. Also look out for D. cantabrica 'Bicolor' which has some purple flowers and some white on the same plant.  Alongside the daboecia, are many other varieties of heather.  Further along the slope there is a lovely grouping of yellow-flowered Erica, including E. arborea 'Albert's Gold', E. carnea 'Vivelli' and E. carnea 'Westwood Yellow'.
  3. Nowhere captures the changing seasons more comprehensively than the Walled Garden.  Acer palmatum 'Sango-kaku' in its glorious autumn colour greets visitors at the entrance, while many late-summer flowering dahlias, crocosmias and varieties of Actaea simplex can be readily seen. Each of the borders and island beds displays the changing seasons in a different way, with the East Border (pictured) being particularly full and glowing with colour and texture at this time of year.

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