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3 things to look out for at Holehird Gardens in July

  1. If you love roses, you will be thrilled at the variety and quality of the roses on display at Holehird this summer.  Head to the Rose Beds at the far end of the drive to see shrubs such as R. 'Queen of Sweden', the aptly named climber 'The Lakeland Rose' and R. rugosa 'Fru Dagmar Hastrup'.  Alongside these classic pink roses you will see more surprising varieties such as the deep purple 'Rhapsody in Blue'.  For yet more roses, visit the Walled Garden where you will be greeted by the white climber 'City of York' entwined around the pergola, with the pink rambler 'Rural England' just below it.
  2. The view of the Lakeland fells is an important part of any visit to Holehird.  Take a seat above the Rock Garden from where you can admire the view across the lake whilst also admiring the range of unusual plants in this developing area of the garden.  Look out for lilium lijiangense, a Himalayan lily with pendant golden flowers. Note also the bright leaves of Acer shirasawanum 'Aureum' then walk down through the Rock Garden to admire it from below (pictured above).
  3. In early July we are still waiting for our Lakeland Collection of hydrangeas to come into flower.  However, the Hydrangea Border is still worth a visit as the varieties of Cornus kousa which frame the view of the hills from the Hydrangea Walk are in flower, although their small flower heads are dominated by larger, showy tapered bracts.  Most are creamy white, such as C.kousa 'Madame Butterfly' but C.kousa 'Miss Satomi' provides a contrast in pink.

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