Holehird Gardens

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3 things to look out for at Holehird Gardens in May/June

  1. Rhododendrons are a prominent feature of many Lakeland gardens, and Holehird is no exception, with a particularly strong showing this year.  Specimens in the main rhodo beds are seen to best advantage from below as they rise above the Walled Garden, but don't miss the chance to get among them by taking the path up alongside the Davidia border.  From there continue along the Fell Border (pictured above) to see many more colourful varieties, including the startling contrast of R. 'Doncaster' (scarlet) with the delicate shell pink of R. 'Crete'
  2. The Davidia Border itself is one of the joys of Holehird at this time of year.  Its dense planting includes a range of plants whose peak flowering period covers many months.  Here you will find late-flowering, understated hellebores growing harmoniously alongside newly emergent hostas (look out for 'Blue Wedgwood', and bright pink Primula pulverulenta contrasting with the stunning blue of mecononpsis 'Slieve Donard'.  Alliums will follow soon - Allium 'Powder Puff' is a favourite.
  3. Of course no description of Holehird in May or June would be complete without mention of the National Collection of meconopsis.  The sight of these stunning blue flowers growing together in the trial beds in the paddock is a highlight of the growing year for many visitors to Holehird.  But visitors who are unable to access the paddock won't miss out as there are many examples in other parts of the garden too - look for them particularly in the Courtyard Bed and the neighbouring Davidia Border.

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