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The Society

In common with all horticultural societies, the LHS wishes to promote the practice of horticulture but the Lakeland Horticultural Society is unusual, possibly unique, in having restored and developed a garden of this size and importance as a base for the advancement of its objectives.



View of Walled Garden


The Lakeland Horticultural Society was formed in 1969 and, in 1971 leased two acres of abandoned rock garden above Holehird Mansion.


The original rock gardens were overgrown with brambles, willow herb etc. and only the larger shrubs and trees could fight their way above the undergrowth.  Much had been lost and the Society spent its first ten years reclaiming this area, making new beds and paths and clearing the slope of the Upper Gardens.


In 1979 the Society took over the walled garden, gave it its present layout and built members' accommodation.  During the 1980's a library was added, and the reception area was created in the 1990's.







As the Society grew and more volunteers joined, it was possible to take over the paddock, now the Trials area. Several years later in 2001 the Society acquired the lease of the Lower Gardens, thus uniting the original 19th century gardens around the Mansion.


The Lakeland Horticultural Society is a registered charity and every aspect of its work is done by volunteers.  As well as the gardening, this ranges from the wardening services, guides on garden walks, publications, organisation of lectures, garden tours and horticultural courses.  It includes also the setting up of this website.