Holehird Gardens

Home of the Lakeland Horticultural Society

Holehird Gardens in autumn: 3 things to look out for when you visit:

  1. The Walled Garden is a riot of colour at this time of year as the autumn foliage of trees and shrubs provides a rich background to late flowering dahlias and other herbaceous plants. The highlight at the moment is undoubtedly the stunning Cotoneaster frigidus with its abundant crop of bright red berries.
  2. There is still plenty of interest in the Hydrangea Walk.  The strong summer colours of the hydrangeas may be fading, but these plants die back in a most elegant way.  They provide a good backdrop to the large red fruits of the Cornus cousas which have been such a feature this year.
  3. Enjoy the view across the lake from the stone bench in the middle of the National Collection of daboecia.  Take the opportunity to view the colourful but delicate flowers of these lovely heathers close up.

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