Holehird Gardens

Home of the Lakeland Horticultural Society

Holehird Gardens in January/February: 3 things to look out for when you visit:

  1. January is a time of promise at Holehird.  Before the end of December, the first snowdrops came into flower - look out for narcissus 'Cedric's Prolific' just below the magnolia bed.  As January progresses, they will be joined by many more varieties throughout the Gardens.  One of the winter stars of Holehird, daphne bolua 'Jacqueline Postill' (just beyond the gate next to Visitor Information) is coming into flower at the beginning of January and its glorious fragrance signals its presence in the Courtyard.
  2. The National Collection of Polystichum provides plenty of interest at this time of year.  While other plants are dying back, these wintergreen ferns maintain their colour and form throughout the winter, right until the new fronds unfurl in spring.
  3. This is the first winter for the new Walled Garden Display House. It provides a showcase for plants which need more temperate conditions than a Lake District winter usually offers.  Alongside the more permanent displays, the central bench currently contains a fine array of succulents which definitely would not thrive outdoors.

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