Holehird Gardens

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Holehird Gardens in July

  1. The warm, dry spring in Cumbria this year led to an unusually low level of water in the Gunnera Pool, and to the lower half of the Cascade drying out completely in June.  Recent rain has restored the water level, allowing the Cascade to flow freely and the streamside plants to be seen to best advantage.  Later flowering candelabra primulas are still in evidence at the water's edge, while the tall yellow spires of Ligularia przewalskii and the dark foliage of Rodgersia form a colourful backdrop, seen in the photograph above.
  2. The newly reconfigured rose beds are a delight this year, with so many different varieties putting paid to the old adage that roses don't grow well in the Lake District.  To compare the myriad forms look out for the shrub 'Rosy Cushion', Rosa Gallica 'Charles de Mills', the hybrid tea 'Always Remember Me' and the floribunda 'Champagne Moment' (which was voted one of our 50 favourite plants by the Holehird volunteer gardeners last year).
  3. The Walled Garden is always one of the highlights of a visit to Holehird in summer, and this year is no exception.  It is the hot-coloured island beds furthest away from the building which immediately catch the eye, with their powerful reds and golds from crocosmia, rudbeckia and the like.  However, closer inspection reveals many delights in the cool-coloured beds as well.  Look out for the delicate lilac-pink Iris ensata 'Rose Queen', abundant Phlox paniculata 'Monica Lynden-Bell' and the spiny blue cones of Eryngium alpinum.  And before leaving the Walled Garden, don't forget to check out the Plant Sales Area for the wide range of plants cultivated by our propagation teams.

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