Holehird Gardens

Home of the Lakeland Horticultural Society

Holehird Gardens in November - 3 things to look out for when you visit:

  1. Autumn colour lingers well into November at Holehird.  Leaves may be falling but the colourful foliage still delights whether framing the view of the surrounding hills or forming a colourful carpet underfoot.  Brightly coloured berries are also prominent this year.  The Holly Bed next to the viewpoint has wonderful specimens ranging from red, of course, through yellow and black.
  2. Next to the Holly Bed, the Grasses Bed offers a surprising range of colour, shape and texture at this time of year.  On a sunny autumn day, highlights of contrasting gold and silver are seen in plants such as Miscanthus sinensis 'Yaku-jima' while closer inspection reveals deeper greens and reds in specimens such as Panicum virgatum 'Squaw'.
  3. While other parts of the garden are preparing for winter, the National Collection of polystichum ferns continues to thrive. These soft-shield ferns are wintergreen, which means this year's fronds only die back after next year's have appeared, providing year-round interest.  In the main fern border, planting is in raised banks, mimicking the conditions in which they grow in the wild. Look out for polystichum x dycei, easy to identify by its gold label highlighting it as one of the plants chosen by the Holehird volunteers to feature in our 50th anniversary publication "Gardeners' Choice".

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