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Holehird Gardens in June: 3 things to look out for when you visit:

  1. We wouldn't usually be able to say this as we move into June, but this year the rhododendrons and azaleas are still looking fantastic!  They provide bursts of colour throughout the Gardens but the vibrant deep red of R. 'Doncaster' on the Fell Border is particularly worthy of note.
  2. The National Collection of meconopsis (large blue Himalayan poppies) is at its best in June.  The array of varieties in trial beds in the Paddock makes it easy to compare specimens, but you will find yet more examples growing around the Gardens.  Look out for the magnificent large white M. 'Superba' behind the Grasses bed.
  3. The Davidia Bed, pictured above, is full of interest and colour throughout June.  The constant background is provided by many varieties of (mainly!) slug-resistant hostas.  Early in summer these are interspersed with late-flowering primulas, alliums and meconopsis (M. 'Mrs Jebb' is particularly striking).  As the summer progresses, day lilies will take over the job of providing colour and form. 

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