National Collections

The Lakeland Horticultural Society holds four National Collections - Astilbe, Meconopsis, Daboecia and Polystichum Ferns.

Astilbe Collection




Plant Heritage, formerly The National Council for the Conservation of Plants and Gardens (NCCPG), is the co-ordinating charity behind the National Plant Collection scheme.  Its aims are to conserve, document, promote and make available the great diversity of garden plants for the benefit of horticulture.




It was first established in 1978 when it was realised that many plants were being lost to society as fashions changed.  There are now almost seven hundred collections around the United Kingdom.  






Daboecia Collection


Just before Christmas 2014 the Lakeland Horticultural Society received the welcome news that it is now the host of a fourth National Collection at Holehird to add to the Astilbe, Polystichum and Meconopsis collections it already holds.



Meconopsis Collection






See more about the The Lakeland Horticultural Society's National Collections - Astilbe, Meconopsis, Daboecia and Polystichum.



  • Astilbe

    The Society's Astilbe Collection contains some two hundred cultivars and common species gathered together principally from European countries.
  • Meconopsis

    The Meconopsis Collection contains approximately 80% of the named blue perennial species and cultivars that are presently listed in the RHS Plant Finder, with the main display being in the Paddock.
  • Daboecia

    There are three Heather genera - Erica and Calluna which are well known, and Daboecia.
  • Polystichum

    A variety of British and foreign Polystichums can be seen in the Society's garden.