There are three Heather genera - Erica and Calluna which are well known, and Daboecia.

Just before Christmas 2014 the Lakeland Horticultural Society received the welcome news that it is now the host of a fourth National Collection at Holehird.


Daboecia cantabrica 'Bubbles'





Daboecia cantabrica (St. Dabeoc’s Heath) is a member of the Ericaceae family and is the most spectacular and beautiful, as well as the least known, of the heathers native to the British Isles. It can be found growing naturally on the west coast of Ireland, as well as in Western France, North West Spain and Portugal.








Daboecia in Summer Heather Bed 2







Daboecia shares similarities with Erica, or bell heather, but has a more upright habit and much larger bells.  It consists of two species, namely D.cantabrica, and D.azorica which is confined to the Azores. Holehird currently holds 52 cultivars of D.cantabrica.





Daboecia cantabria 'Heather Yates' 






The Holehird Daboecia collection can be found in the two large summer heather beds above the main lawn. The best time to view the new collection is in late summer or early autumn when they are at their best.